The Town of Midland was dealt a major blow on Thursday; General Mills announced it is closing its Pillsbury plant in 2016.

Employees were sent home and the gates were closed at the plant Thursday afternoon after workers were given the news that the company will be closing down its operations after more than six decades.

According to the company, the plant will close in about 18 months putting more than 100 people out of work.

General Mills manufactures refrigerated baked goods and pizza products at the plant.

General Mills has been operating the facility in Midland for more than 60 years but the company says it is closing down operations here because it is consolidating its production of refrigerated baked goods at other General Mills locations. A company spokesperson would not say where production is being moved to for competitive reasons.

Effected employee will receive severance packages but details have not been released.

Midland Mayor Gord McKay says the job losses are a blow to workers, their families and the entire community. But McKay says there are 18 months to try and find new jobs and Midland’s manufacturing sector has been growing recently.

“Over the past ten years, we have lost two manufacturers, Precision Plastics and Bruin Manufacturing and it was like can we compete in the world. The good news side of it is that businesses are saying yes, we get it and if we put in this kind of manufacturing we can compete with anyplace in the world.”

After the temporary or shut down at General Mills on Thursday, production will resume Monday and continue until the company winds down operations next year.

The company plans to move some of the equipment to other General Mills facilities and then the building and the rest of the contents will be sold off.

Read the announcement from General Mills here.