A home in Bracebridge too badly damaged by the flooding was demolished today.

Crews arrived at the home around 7:30 a.m. July 24, 2013 and started tearing it down.

“It's probably a good idea that they aren't here,” volunteer Derek Mason says of the homeowners. “Who wants to watch their home get torn down? It would be a pretty emotional day for them.”

The Bowers, who own the single-storey home along the Muskoka River didn't want to watch the demolition. Instead they're entrusting Mason and some other neighbours with the difficult job.

Construction coordinator Frank Drinkwater says a church group is also sending up workers to help the couple start rebuilding once the old structure is gone.

“Hopefully by the weekend, we'll have the footings in,” Drinkwater says, “and we'll get the foundation on top of that. And we're away to the races to get the Bowers back home.”

The 37-year-old family home was ruined by flooding this past spring.

Bob Bowers told CTV News after the flooding water came up “a good foot. It came from through the whole house.

The walls, floors and foundation were all damaged beyond repair, making the house no longer safe, leaving Bob and his wife with nowhere to go.

“The government has said they'll help,” says Cathy Walker with the Bracebridge Lions Club. “We have a local disaster relief group that's dealing with the government but that's not going to help this family, because by the time the money gets through it would be too late to get them in their home.”

So the Bracebridge Lions Club has stepped in along with the community.

The community has raised about $30,000 for the couple who lives in the home, and local merchants have come to their aid as well. Drinkwater says Home Hardware has donated a toilet, sink and bath tub.

“It's nice to start to see everything finally come to fruition,” says Walker.

The Lions Club is still looking to raise another $10,000 for building supplies and furniture, but they are sure the community will support this project to the very end.

The hope is this new home will be built and ready for the Bowers to move back in by thanksgiving.