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Emotional testimony unfolds at trial of Aurora, Ont. man accused of killing his wife


An emotional Louie Goziotis returned to the witness stand at the murder trial of John Sedo on Tuesday, recounting the frantic efforts made to find his sister, Helen Sedo, following her disappearance in July 2020 and what he perceived as delay tactics by his brother-in-law.

Goziotis shared with the court how his concern turned to anger after several conversations with John, Helen's husband of nearly 35 years.

"He didn't want to help," Goziotis testified. "I started getting very mad at the situation."

According to Goziotis, John expressed irritation with Helen's family's efforts to locate her, saying their involvement could impede the police investigation.

Goziotis detailed the family's extensive efforts, including posting flyers from Toronto to Huntsville, where the Sedo family owns a cottage.

Helen's SUV was found burned months later in a dense forest in Huntsville; however, it's not clear if it was anywhere near the Sedo property.

During his testimony, Goziotis highlighted inconsistencies in John's accounts of Helen's disappearance, revealing that John initially called the police two days after Helen allegedly left following a heated argument at their Aurora home.

"The story changed so many times," Goziotis testified, adding his brother-in-law had spoken with a friend and former police officer who, Goziotis told the court, suggested to John that Helen may have gone to Greece to start her life over.

However, the court heard she left her phone and passport behind.

Goziotis recounted conversations with his sister, during which she allegedly expressed dissatisfaction with her marriage and hinted at its troubled nature. He also recalled Helen confiding in him about marital issues two years before her disappearance.

The defence questioned Goziotis about Helen's mental health, but he maintained his sister had not expressed thoughts of depression or suicide to him.

Other witnesses testified to Helen's good spirits, while a close friend of 25 years revealed Helen's fatigue with the burdens of her marriage and caring for her father.

Helen's body has never been found. Her husband is facing a charge of second-degree murder.

The trial is set to resume Wednesday, with further cross-examination of Helen's longtime friend.

The allegations against John Sedo have not been tested in court. Top Stories

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