An early morning fire has caused significant damage to a home in Orr Lake.

Emergency crews were called to North Orr Lake Road just before 5:30 a.m. on Tuesday. When firefighters arrived, the garage was engulfed in flames. Fire then spread to the house.

“I just heard a couple of bangs and then jumped out of bed to see what the noise was. I hollered for the wife to get up and dial 911,” says neighbour Wayne Gillespie.

Firefighters tried to take an offensive approach to knocking out the flames, but switched to a defensive strategy once the roof started to collapse.

John Hallyburton takes care of his parents’ home in the winter while they’re in Florida.

He says his parents still don't know about the fire because they’re on their way home from their vacation. They will move in with Hallyburton once they return to Canada.

Flames also jumped to a neighbouring home, but firefighters were able to keep that blaze contained.

Heavy equipment is being brought in to aid in the investigation.

It’s not yet clear how much damage the fire caused.