ESSA TOWNSHIP, ONT. -- One week after a slew of trash bags were left dumped on the side of a road in Oro-Medonte, a group of men were caught red-handed doing the same illegal act, this time in Essa Township.

Kevin Cordeiro said he came across the trio dumping dozens of black trash bags filled with what appeared to be yard waste on the side of the 20th Sideroad and County Road 10 on Thursday.

Cordeiro started to record video of the men on his phone. "I got out of the truck to go talk to them. As I got out, they started to get into the truck to peel out, and then I cut them off."

Cordeiro said he used his truck to block their escape. With no way out, the men returned the trash bags to their vehicle.

It wasn't until the next day he said he found a new pile of illegally dumped garbage bags by the 5th Sideroad and 6th Line. This time, Cordeiro reported it to the police.

Essa Mayor Sandy McDonald said this type of illegal activity isn't new.

"We do have issues with it. We just had someone down by our river doing the very same thing."

McDonald added that it's unfortunate because taxpayers have to pay for the cleanup. "I think it's disgusting, and they should be ashamed of themselves to dump that much garbage."

Police are investigating the incident and confirmed they received a copy of Cordeiro's video. They said they plan to review it to see if any charges will be laid or fines handed out to the culprits.

The maximum fine a person could face if caught dumping is $5,000.