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Angus woman to ring in 97th birthday with record-breaking edgewalk

Bernice 'Bunny' Harrison plans to celebrate her 97th birthday with a record-breaking CN Tower EdgeWalk in Toronto.

This isn't the first time the Angus woman will brave walking 116 storeys above the City of Toronto. The thrill-seeker first crossed it off her bucket list to ring in her 90th birthday.

"I did it because I like to be up in the sky, and it's fun to be up there," Bunny said. "I'm a bird person. I watch birds every morning as soon as I get up and I kind of feel comfortable being up in the sky."

On Friday, Bunny will set the record for the oldest woman to suit up and walk the CN Tower EdgeWalk.

And she won't be alone.

"When I want to do something that's a little different, my grandchildren, they want to help me do it. So they will come along and go up on the ladder and do whatever you have to do, and it's just fun, and I want them to have fun. I want them to see the different things."

Her daughter-in-law describes the 97-year-old as being young at heart.

"She doesn't try to act younger, but she definitely is a lot younger by heart, attitude and behaviour," said Sharon Harrison.

Fondly known as 'Crazy Grandma,' Bunny said she wants to be remembered for her adventurous spirit.

"When you get older, you want to do things that your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren remember about you, and that's important to me. I want them to remember me like that."

"She shocks us all the time," Sharon said. "The only adventure that we've had to pull the reins on is she wanted to go up into a hot air balloon, and we thought the landing could be just a little too rough for her."

As she readies for her experience on Friday, Bunny said she would have to start thinking about her centennial.

"I don't know what I'm going to do when I'm 100." Top Stories

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