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3 mothers in Orillia create collective to support women in need


A group of three friends in Orillia has created the Mom Collective to support women in need.

The three friends, who are all mothers, joined forces in January, embarking on a journey that has helped multiple women in difficult circumstances.

The group utilizes social media and generates support from its community, asking people to nominate a woman who needs help.

"You can only do so much on your own, and when people come together, it truly makes a difference," said Amy Scully, co-founder of the Mom Collective.

The woman offered various support services, including diaper and clothing donations, meal programs, funding therapy sessions for moms who needed them, and even career coaching for moms who were trying to return to the workforce.

"There has been so many people that have come forward and offered to do so many amazing things, however it is also heart breaking seeing mothers that we had no idea we're struggling so badly," said Ashley Szakal, co-founder of the Mom Collective.

The dam assesses and approves each submission, then works with community parents and agencies to ensure the best support is provided to the mothers.

Local organizations have recorded many women requiring assistance following the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This is an example of how women stepped up and did it and created it, and it's become this beautiful thing that everyone is asking about. It's amazing and shows that all we need is someone to take a step," said Hayden Baker, community program coordinator at Green Haven Shelter for Women.

As for what's next, the Mom Collective plans to register as a non-profit organization. Once that happens, they say they hope to double their services and support mothers in Simcoe County and throughout the country. Top Stories

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