With the popularity of vaping over smoking on the rise, Catholic school officials say there has been a significant surge in use among teens.
“We have noticed an increase in suspensions related to vaping, vaping products, and so definitely it’s a concern for us,” says school board member, Pauline Stevenson.
There is a zero tolerance policy for any smoking, including vaping, on school property.  The provincial law states those who wish to smoke cannot be within twenty metres of a school perimetre.
“I think we need to take some time to educate our students to make sure they understand that what they’re doing now could have a long-term impact for their health in the future,” Stevenson says.
According to health officials, students smoking e-cigarettes outweigh those smoking traditional cigarettes.
Nearly half of teens who vape say they aren’t using nicotine, but health officials say that doesn’t mean the health risks don’t exist.
“We don’t even know the long-term health effects of these products,” says Simcoe Muskoka Health Unit’s Cindy Baker-Barill.  
Baker-Barill goes on to say that young adults choosing to vape are basically ‘lab rats at this point.’