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Suspects from GTA 'directly linked' to Ont. woman Elnaz Hajtamiri's kidnapping case

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) released a series of new images of people they say are wanted as suspects in the disappearance of an Ontario woman allegedly abducted in Wasaga Beach more than one year ago.

Police say Elnaz Hajtamiri was forcibly dragged from a Trailwood Place home on January 12, 2022, where she had been hiding out with family following a violent assault in Richmond Hill weeks earlier.

On Thursday, police released new images, adding the three suspects, two men and one woman, are "linked directly to the kidnapping."

OPP says the images were taken in Quebec, but the investigation shows the three are from Ontario.

"I would like to stress we certainly believe that while taken in Quebec, we believe strongly that they are from the Greater Toronto Area," said OPP Det. Insp. Martin Graham in an interview with CTV News on Thursday.

Investigators seek the public's help in identifying the suspects and ask anyone with information to contact the police.

"There's no indication that any of the suspects that we've asked the public to identify in this particular release would be immediately dangerous to the public, but we would encourage anybody that views these images, that recognizes them to contact the police," Graham added.

Additionally, police released images of one, potentially two individuals of interest who rented vehicles in Toronto in December 2021.

Police say this person(s) is not a suspect in the alleged kidnapping, but they would like to speak with the individual(s), noting it could lead to information relevant to the case.

Graham said police working the case believe there are more people with information on what happened 400 days ago when Hajtamiri disappeared.

"I've always maintained that there are a number of people who know why Elnaz was kidnapped, how she was kidnapped, and the manner she was kidnapped in. There are many people we believe would know that information. We're asking for anybody to come forward," he said.

Ontario Provincial Police release images of three suspects believed to be involved in the alleged abduction of Elnaz Hajtamiri on Jan. 12, 2022. (Police handout)

Hajtamiri's former boyfriend faces criminal charges in connection with the alleged abduction and Richmond Hill assault.

In a statement to CTV News, the family said it is "thankful to the OPP for their non-stop work to bring Elnaz home. Please help them solve this case."

"My sympathies, my thoughts go with them," Graham said. "Another day has gone by without them knowing the answers they so richly deserve of knowing where she is and why this happened to an innocent daughter, niece, and sister."

Anyone with information about these individuals is asked to contact the OPP or the dedicated TipLine at 1-833-728-3415.

"If you know the location of where Elnaz is, please come forward. There is a reward," he continued.

A $100,000 joint OPP and York Regional Police reward is available for anyone with information about Hajtamiri's whereabouts. Top Stories

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