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Program offers funding and support for young entrepreneurs this summer

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Students seeking summer employment can learn to be their own boss through a program offering financial assistance, guidance, and essential services to eligible candidates.

The Small Business Centre offers students ages 15 to 29 who are returning to school in the fall an opportunity to register in the program and receive up to $3,000 in funding to help get the business off the ground.

Candidates also get hands-on guidance and mentorship from experienced business leaders and can retain any profits generated through their business endeavours.

Eligibility extends to Ontario residents who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents, who are not engaged in other employment or schooling for more than 12 hours per week while in the program, and who can work at least 280 hours (for high schoolers) and at least 420 hours (for post-secondary) over the program's duration.

Businesses must adhere to government regulations and operate within Ontario, following the guidelines outlined in their business plan. Certain business types, such as partnerships, franchises, and single-event ventures, are not eligible for funding.

Those interested can apply online.

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