With fall now in full swing, provincial police have released some tips for owners who are looking to close up their cottages for season’s end.

According to OPP, cottages and summer homes are most likely to be broken into by thieves between Thanksgiving and Victoria Day.

Police say the first thing owners should do is remove all valuables, including food, alcohol and firearms from the property.

Doors and windows should be secured and blinds or curtains should be closed to prevent would be thieves from peering inside.

OPP also recommend:

  • All vehicles left at the property are winterized, secure and disabled.
  • Record serial numbers of anything of value left behind.
  • Know who your contact person is in the event of a break-in, animal problem or alarm.
  • Make a list of everything that it being kept at the cottage and where it is being stored. It’s also recommended that owners take pictures of the property.
  • Know which OPP detachment patrols the area.

Police say following these tips can help reduce thefts and damage to cottages and summer homes during the off-season.