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Ice-breaking underway in Midland


Ice-breaking operations got underway in Midland Friday to clear the way for commercial ships returning to the harbour.

The Canadian Coast Guard began breaking the ice in the harbour early in the afternoon to create a safe path for ships unable to cut through the ice.

According to Coast Guard officials, the weather has been on their side this year, resulting in thinner ice than typical.

"We haven't been as busy as before. We did have a period just around the holidays where the Livingston channel and the western side of Erie just froze up, and we had two feet of ice in the channel, so we escorted about 40 ships within five days, but after that, everything melted, and it's been quiet since," said Isabelle Pelchat, Canadian Coastguard Superintendent for the Icebreaking Program.

The Coast Guard advises everyone to stay off the ice for the next several days, as the operation could cause cracks elsewhere.

The 'Frontenac' freighter is scheduled to make its way into Midland on Saturday. Top Stories

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