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Collingwood, Ont. animal adoption centre in urgent need of foster homes

An animal adoption centre in Collingwood urgently needs foster homes and volunteers.

The Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS) is at full capacity with its dog kennels and has a rapidly growing waitlist for animals needing shelter.

The Centre said it saw a 94 percent increase in dog surrenders in 2022 compared to the year prior. That came at the same time as adoption rates rapidly declined.

"When we are over capacity, we really need folks in our community to consider fostering dogs and cats," said Sonya Reichel, GTHS Executive Director. "That helps us ensure we have space for all the animals in need. Especially fosters when we get into our kitten and puppy season that's just around the corner."

Reichel attributed the increase in surrenders and decline in adoptions to the rising cost of living.

To learn more about adoption and the process of bringing a pet home, you can visit GTHS's website. Top Stories

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