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Alectra offers tips to prepare for power outage with winter storm on the way


A significant winter storm is forecast to hammer southern Ontario later this week and into the holiday weekend, prompting a utility company to provide tips on preparing for possible power outages.

On Wednesday, one day before Environment Canada says conditions will start to turn, Alecta warned that strong winds and freezing rain could lead to tree branches or other objects falling on power lines resulting in outages.

The utility company suggests having an emergency kit with essential items ready in case the power goes out, including flashlights, batteries, candles, a radio, extra blankets, non-perishable food, water, and any medications or other personal items you may need.

Make sure your home has battery-operated smoke and carbon monoxide alarms on every level. Test these alarms regularly to ensure they are working.

Keep your vehicle fueled up in case it's needed for emergency travel.

Alectra says never to use charcoal, gas barbecues, or standby generators indoors, as these can pose a fire hazard.

When the power returns, it suggests plugging in only the most essential appliances to give the power system "time to stabilize."

Restock the emergency kit with items used during the power outage.

And check to ensure the freezer and refrigerator are working.


Meat that has ice crystals on it can be refrozen. If it has thawed at all, discard it.

Most bakery goods can be refrozen.

Ice cream that isn't fully frozen should be tossed.

And finally, throw out any dairy products that haven't been properly refrigerated for six to eight hours. Top Stories

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