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Young musician battles cancer to create inspirational songs

A young man from East Gwillimbury who has overcome cancer three times, received two bone marrow transplants and, at one point, was in a wheelchair and told he wouldn't walk again – is accomplishing yet another feat.

"Eight years ago, the doctor told me just take your son home and spend some quality time because there's nothing else that can be done," said Elham Badali, Tymaz Bagbani Disjani's mother.

Disjani had dreams of playing pro soccer overseas, but those dreams were sidelined by a nearly decade-long fight with leukemia that featured three trips to the ICU and two bone marrow transplants.

"That's my life, man," said Disjani.

"The reason I'm alive today, I tell a lot of people, is because of my love of soccer and the love to give back to the game. That's what kept me going throughout my difficult times."

Now the 25-year-old Richmond Hill man has pivoted his passion by pouring all his energy into releasing an album that tells his story.

"I was told no so many times. I was told what I can't do so many times. But I never let that doubt in my mind. The power of self-belief is real, and because of that, I'm here today," he said.

"His music is real," Badali said.

She believes what Disjani has gone through has given him a unique perspective on life.

Bound to a wheelchair at one point, Tymaz was told he would never walk again. Now he not only walks but has his own car. Something even he can't help but smile at.

"I spent seven birthdays straight at Sick Kids hospital. I grew up there. This was a long process. It took me a decade to get to where I am right now," he said.

Disjani says watching Canada's World Cup journey has been difficult

"Half the starting lineup, I either played on the same team or went to the same camps growing up. I knew I would be there if I was given the opportunity. But this is life, and we just have to take what we're given and try to make the most of it," he said.

Disjani hopes his album labelled Tymaz, can be an inspiration to others. And now that he has a catalogue of songs to perform, he hopes to host a benefit concert to give back to the SickKids Foundation that has helped him beat the odds. Top Stories

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