BARRIE, ONT. -- With big dreams that come with a hefty price tag, a young soccer player in Bradford is adding the title of 'entrepreneur' to his resume.

Ten-year-old Adam Ahmadzai loves to play soccer. He's hoping to pursue this career professionally, to take his skills to play for Barcelona. So to make that dream a reality, he has started his own business, Adam's Lawn Cutting Service.

"If you spend your parent's money, what's the point of going, and if you pay for then you actually have to try your hardest because it's your money," Adam said.

Since launching the business less than a month ago, Adam has managed to save $1,000; that's after paying off a $500 interest-free loan from his father.

"We told him in life, don't worry about the failure; failure is the path to success," Adam's father Khaled Ahmadzai said. "So we try to teach him to have a goal in life. He's a good soccer player. There's a lot of other players as well, but he's getting there; he's working very hard towards his goal."

Young Adam has received positive support, with a neighbour providing him advertising on a large Bridge Street digital billboard. He's also receiving good reviews for his work, with one customer telling CTV News she was pleased with his services.

"He was very prompt, actually came an hour earlier than he stated and was in and out with a half an hour, and I've got a big back yard," said Michelle Harwood.

To reach Adam's Lawn Cutting Service, click here.