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Work of Washago artists up for grabs

The streets of Washago have been brightened by local artists' work, which will one day soon be up for grabs.

The Washago Art Club is getting set for its auction on Aug. 26. Currently, the work is being displayed throughout the community ahead of the weekend fundraiser.

"The auction is great," said John Whelan, an artist with a painting up for grabs. "A lot of the fundraising there is put back into the community, so it's a chance for collectors to come and look at some fine art and a chance for people to put back into the community by buying the art."

Whelan is the mastermind behind a piece centred on a popular fishing spot overlooking the town's lake.

The auction is a key part of the group, which now includes about 40 members and has continued to grow in size over the years.

"[Washago is] probably the most wonderful place for an artist to be involved," said Doug Cooper, another member of the club. "There's no artistic jealousy; everybody helps everybody; everybody loans their paints out. We're there to help each other, and by doing that, you help yourself as well."

The auction typically features politicians serving as auctioneers, which Cooper says usually creates a lot of laughs.

The event runs on Aug. 26 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Top Stories

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