An Innisfil woman is hoping someone will return her lost wallet – not so much for the money and ID but for the piece of jewellery inside that can’t be replaced. 

The locket contains some of her late husband’s ashes.  

Tammy Whale had taken off the necklace because of a rash on her neck and was carrying it in her wallet until she could wear it again.

She accidentally left her wallet on the hood of her car near Big Bay Point and Hearst Drive while in Barrie yesterday afternoon.

The necklace is inscribed with “Always in my heart” as a tribute to her late husband.

Whale says, “The necklace meant the world to me. He’s always been my best friend. It’s all I have left.”

Whale’s three children all have similar necklaces; they contain the only ashes remaining since her husband died in 2012.

“I’m begging for anyone if they have seen it, I don’t care about anything else in the wallet – I just hope to hold the necklace close to me again,” she says.

Anyone with information can contact South Simcoe or Barrie police.