BARRIE -- Procyon Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre devotes itself to nursing vulnerable animals back to health. Now the facility in Beeton could use a helping hand.

Procyon is a haven for raccoons, skunks, squirrels, deer, opossums, porcupine and groundhogs, that are injured, distressed, or orphaned.

The centre relies on volunteers, but the COVID-19 pandemic has limited the number of people who can be on site. While Procyon typically has 150 volunteers, they are down to no more than 25.

“We’ve had to downscale considerably because we can’t have as many animals when you don’t have as many volunteers,” says director Debra Spillar.

“We’ve had to cancel our fundraisings, which has taken a big chunk of our donations out, which also affects how many animals we can take in.”

Donations help cover the cost of food, formula, and medical care for the animals.

While Procyon appreciates financial contributions, you can also help by donating used blankets, towels, empty beer bottles, and towels.