Police in Barrie showed of a big pile of weapons and potential weapons on Thursday, collected from people going into Barrie’s courthouse.

More than 100 pounds of knives, tools and scissors have been left at the courthouse.

“What people bring in and what people carry in their day-to-day possession is strange,” says Barrie Police Special Constable Dave Donald.

All items have been voluntarily turned in at the screening gate.

“Anything that can be used as a weapon, anything that’s sharp, anything that’s metal, that’s what we’re looking for,” adds Special Constable Donald.

People can either return restricted items to their vehicle or give them up. About five years ago, metal detectors were installed in the building and now every bag is screened and every person is scanned.

“If you are coming to the courthouse, you should really think of it as you are going to Pearson Airport,” says Barrie Police Sergeant Curt Phillips.

The screening lowers the risk in an already volatile environment but this heightened security isn’t in place at every courthouse. Courthouses in Orangeville and Bradford don’t have scanners. In a statement, The Ministry of the Attorney General says that’s because the needs of each courthouse are different.

Officers in Barrie see all kinds of contraband; including wine openers, drug containers and manicure sets. There are also some odd things the scanners pick up.

“The weirdest things I’ve seen coming through the front door would be sex toys and personal items. They come in purses and they are one of the different items we see coming through,” adds Sr. Special Constable Donald.

Sometimes people even hand over things that could get them into trouble.

“They’ll put their drugs in a tray and we’ll question them on it and they will be coming into court on a criminal matter and they’ll bring in their marijuana or some other paraphernalia. That will result in a criminal charge being laid and charges are laid,” says Special Constable Donald.

All items that are voluntarily turned in are destroyed by police.