BARRIE, ONT. -- There is anger coming from residents in Wasaga Beach after large crowds Saturday left a significant mess Sunday morning.

Pino Sibio knew something wasn't right last night, but he didn't realize the true ugliness of what was at hand until he woke up this morning.

Sibio and his wife Louise Santos video taped a mess left behind by a large group of party-goers the day before.

"They have left behind garbage everywhere, empty booze bottles, and they have no consideration for our beautiful nature and the beach and for everybody else trying to enjoy a beautiful evening because it drove everybody away," says Santos. "Everyone left."

Residents say there were up to 400 party-goers involved in the gathering at beach area two. They say it started in the afternoon and ran well into the morning. It's believed the party was promoted on social media.

"I knew it would be busy because it was beautiful, but there was like hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people, and after last summer, I just couldn't understand how that could be allowed," wonders Jane Bolton, an area resident.

Wasaga Beach Mayor Nina Bifolchi says this is not acceptable.

"It is extremely disappointing that people had no regard for social distancing when our community has worked so hard to keep our COVID numbers down," says Bifolchi. "I am completely disgusted with the mess they left behind."

Township crews cleaned that mess up at a cost to the taxpayer.

Sibio was back at the beach with his wife today. He noticed how well people were physically distancing.

"The one last night was just ridiculous," says Sibio. "It was out of control; it was out of hand."

Some residents say they tried to contact by law, but they were unable to connect. The mayor says in a case like this, people need to contact the police. Residents say police told them to contact by law.

"I'm extremely disappointed as a resident because of the fact we really enjoy this beach, and a lot of people come up from everywhere to enjoy it," says Santos.