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Wasaga Beach makes parks more accessible with communication picture boards

There's some positive news for parents in Wasaga Beach, with new fully accessible and inclusive parks ready for play.

Each of the thirteen parks represents a space that offers a barrier-free community meant to improve the quality of life for those with disabilities.

A communication board has been made for each park, which allows those with communication challenges to match a picture with a word or action to tell their parents their needs.

"These boards will also increase awareness for those using our municipal parks of barriers that exist," said Sasha-Rose Dileo, Wasaga Beach Councillor.

The idea was that of Jennifer Harvey, a Nottawasaga resident who developed the concept to help all children.

"This would be as simple as pointing to one image on the board or multiple to create a sentence," Harvey told CTV News.

Stefanie Downey is mom to her son Darius, a 3-year-old with autism.

"Right now, he is non-verbal, and we hope he'll be able to communicate," Downey said. "But the pictures make a lot of sense to be able to help understand him more and to be able to get his needs across."

Adding to the town's message of inclusivity, Wasaga Beach is promising to hold in-person educational days for parents and their children.

As for the board's creator, Harvey said she wants to develop them for parks across the province. Top Stories

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