BARRIE, ONT. -- With summer-like conditions, many people across Simcoe-Muskoka were looking for ways to make the most of the weather amidst a lingering lockdown.

"Every day for my health, I have to do my walk; the walk helps me breathe and keeps life flowing and everything flowing in me," said Mario Titus, who was out for his daily dose of exercise.

The province's decision to extend the stay-at-home order and keep outdoor activities, including golf courses and tennis courts amongst others, off-limits hasn't stopped many people from trying to find their personal space.

The two-week extension of the stay-at-home order has upset a Barrie city councillor so much he plans to ask his colleagues on Monday night to push the province to change its mind.

"I plan on asking council to directly talk to the province to change their restrictions that we have on our outdoor facilities like tennis, like pickleball like any outdoor activity as long as social distancing is approved," Ward 10 councillor Mike McCann told CTV News.

For now, businesses and people are looking for ways to stay open safely. Malones in Barrie started using its barbeque on weekends when the third shutdown started, and it has paid off.

"We tried to come up with a creative way to drive some more business; it's not your usual cardboard to go, so it's a little more fun, and interactive with people," owner Sara Lynne Maloney said, saying it has been so successful she wished she could do it full time. "This stop and go, to go, to stop, to go? Okay, there could be a light at the end of the tunnel, then the lights are out again. It's getting tiring, and people are tired of it."

Councillor McCann says if his request is rejected by council, he plans to ask that bylaw officers not hand out tickets to anybody taking part in closed outdoor activities during the stay-at-home order.