BARRIE, ONT. -- This stretch of eight unseasonably warm days across south-central Ontario broke dozens of heat records.

On Tuesday, Gravenhurst reached 21 C, breaking a 129-year heat record.

Collingwood recorded a temperature high of 26 C on Monday, which was the warmest November day since 1962.

The Bermuda High Jet Stream is to thank for this warm welcome embrace, a November hug that everyone could enjoy.

And how did this weather anomaly occur?

Warm air from the Gulf of Mexico was picked up by a powerful heat stream that travelled north towards south Ontario.

The warm air was reinforced for an extended run thanks to a most unusual weather partner, a powerful storm. Super Typhoon Goni had devastating effects on the Philippines but reinforced a warm air pattern in the United States, carried by the Jet Stream and sent across south-central Ontario.

The average temperature high in Barrie for mid-November is 6 C.

Over the last few days, temperatures have been two, three and even four times that high.

How unique is this stretch of warm weather for November in our area?

Weather records show that 82 years ago, in 1938, south central Ontario did enjoy a series of warm days in November, but not this many and not this warm.

On Thursday, the weather will start to drop back down to more seasonable temperatures with a high of 9 C.