Dr. Rania Harim is a pediatrician at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie, and like most health care workers, she is fully vaccinated and takes all the necessary precautions, which is why she says she was "absolutely shocked" when she tested positive for COVID-19.

"I started with very mild symptoms, and I had a hoarse voice, and I just wanted to very careful," says Dr. Harim. "And when I got the result, I was just very surprised and quite shocked to tell you the truth."

Dr. Hiram says she was diagnosed after a visit to a Barrie restaurant - just days after receiving a third dose of the vaccine.

She describes her diagnosis as "disheartening" because she says she has always followed the strict protocols issued by Health Canada and the local health unit.

"All the measures and despite how careful I was, I still managed to contract it," she says.

Dr. Hiram's daughter also tested positive in the following days. At the time, her daughter was too young to be eligible for the vaccine. Her other children and ex-husband, all vaccinated, were not infected.

Two weeks since testing positive, Dr. Hiram says she's no longer feeling the effects of the highly-contagious virus.

She is using her experience to warn others that you can never be too careful regarding COVID-19. She remains highly in favour of vaccination.

"I did get quite symptomatic with it, but I strongly believe that I would have gotten quite a bit sicker if I didn't have the vaccine," she concludes.