BOLTON, ONT. -- It's not something you hear about every day.

"That was a first," admits Caledon OPP Const. Kelsey Bardy.

The police constable's friends are calling her '21 Jump Street' after she was involved in a pursuit on a kid's bike that ended with the arrest of a Caledon man.

The unusual chase happened on Monday evening at the Bolton Skate Park.

Police were called to the area for reports of an impaired man causing a disturbance. "I arrive at the park. The suspect takes off on foot. I pursue him in a foot chase," Bardy describes.

Const. Bardy chases the suspect through the park by the baseball diamonds and over towards St. John Paul II School and its portables.

Chris Sharples, Gabe Smith and Isabella Frankie were with a group of friends when they noticed the commotion.

"We just see this guy running towards us, and he says something to us like, 'Trip the cop,' so we were really confused," says 15-year-old Sharples.

And what happens next is something right out of a movie.

The suspect grabs one of the teen's bikes and bolts. Directly behind him, Const. Bardy grabs another bike and takes off after him.

"She just grabbed it and was gone without even missing a beat," says Smith.

The bike pursuit went on for three kilometres, with several kids following on foot through the neighbourhood.

Bike pursuit

"I'm coming down like a gravel hill on the bicycle, and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to control it, and I run right back into him. After that, he tries to take off on foot again. I just got him on the ground, and I arrested him," Bardy explains.

The entire event lasted roughly 12 minutes, but will likely be told by Bardy's colleagues and those who witnessed it for some time.

The 30-year-old man is facing a couple of charges, including theft under $5,000.