KING CITY, ONT. -- There was some llama drama on Highway 400 Wednesday night as the four-legged traveller meandered along the shoulder near King City, causing lanes to be blocked off while crews attempted to catch it.

According to OPP, the animal got loose from an animal clinic in the Aurora Road area and strolled along the highway for roughly nine kilometres.

Luckily, the area is a construction zone, so drivers were already moving slowly, which helped keep the animal safe as it ventured along the road.

After several reports of the unique sighting, police put out a call on social media for anyone with a trailer to help safely remove the animal.

Roughly an hour and a half later, police say a local farmer showed up and took the animal back to the veterinarian facility.

The llama wasn't injured, and the highway was reopened for traffic.

Police say its owners were notified of the animal's adventure.

The OPP says llama will be added to the list of strange and unique animals found on the highway, including cows, a horse and a moose.