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Unique program in Simcoe County fast-tracks the way for future aviators

Flair Airlines and Genesis Flight College joined forces to introduce a unique cadet program in Collingwood to address the growing need for qualified aviation professionals and streamline transitioning from flight school to commercial airline careers.

"We're in such a demand for pilots, one that we've never seen before," said Genesis Flight College instructor Victoria Gardler. "We're trying to really follow the infrastructure that's being seen overseas as they've had such a high success rate."

The innovative program utilizes cutting-edge technology and advanced flight simulators.

"The aircraft that we will be training these students on are advanced modern glass cockpit aircraft. So a lot of the technology that is within these four-seaters, you'll see at higher level flight decks in like a 737," Gardler added.

The program also boasts an expedited timeline.

Traditionally, a full-time modular pilot training program takes roughly two years to prepare candidates for commercial roles. The new cadet program will significantly accelerate this process in just 18 months.

"To be able to have it condensed so quickly, particularly for someone like me who is coming into this as a second career, to be able to be job ready in 18 months after an intense program would be fantastic," noted flight college student Amanda Zwolman.

Flair Airlines and Genesis Flight College are optimistic that the collaborative effort can address the Canadian aviation industry's unprecedented challenges.

"We need something like this in order to continue the growth of Canada's aviation industry," Gardler said.

With the first class of trainees for the new cadet program beginning in January, Flair expects to have its initial round of in-house first officer candidates ready to go by mid-2025. Top Stories

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