Paramedics and police confirm two people have died in a small plane crash in Gravenhurst Friday evening.

The crash happened around 5 p.m. on Friday, along a stretch of the highway between Highway 118 and Doe Lake Road, near the Muskoka Airport.

A spokesperson with Muskoka Paramedic Services says two men were pronounced dead at the scene. No other injuries are reported.

Highway 11 was closed between 118 and Doe Lake Road for several hours in both directions.

Investigators were back the scene of the crash on Saturday.

"The plane itself did strike a portion of Highway 11, which is why it was closed for a portion of time yesterday,” said OPP Constable Mark Rickaby from the scene.

The Transportation Safety Board also investigated. 

“It had just taken off, and for whatever reason, it looked like it tried to turn back to the airport,” said Peter Rowntree, Senior Investigator with the Transportation Safety Board. “It crashed when it was turning back to the airport. It did come in a very steep angle."

The Transportation Safety Board says the aircraft was destroyed upon impact.