A 31-year-old Barrie woman faces several charges after she allegedly drove a pickup truck into a building in the city's downtown while allegedly trying to evade police.

Surveillance footage captured officers pulling into the parking lot at 36 Mary Street shortly after midnight on Saturday.

Officers approach the vehicle, and the suspect appears to hit the accelerator, crashing the truck into the front entrance of the facility.

Pastor Kevin Mast says police notified him just after 1 a.m. that the building leased by Hope City Church had been damaged. "We had difficulty determining how a vehicle would have driven into the building until we saw the footage."

Pastor Mast says the damage is limited to the glass and frame of the windows and door at the front entrance of the building. Unfortunately, he says their insurance company won't cover the costs for the repairs. The facility is leased by the Hope Centre and is currently under construction.

Police say the driver was taken to hospital with minor injuries. She faces several charges, including impaired driving and possession of stolen property.