The Kane triplets are working to squeeze every opportunity they can out of a lemonade stand this summer at events throughout Muskoka.

"It's fun to get the money and just spend it on things like candy," laughs Lila Kane.

They cut them, squeeze them and add a little ice to serve up a cold glass of lemonade with the hopes of capitalizing on the demand. "We're saving money for college."

Lemonade stand

Sadie, Violet and Lila Kane are the faces behind Kane Kids Company. The nine-year-old sisters say their parents gave them the push to put down their phones and get to work, and it's legit.

"They actually formed their own business plan, they met with a lawyer, they did a partnership agreement," says dad, Paul Kane. "This is a real business for them."

The girl's parents gave them a business loan, which has already been paid off thanks to a few community events. "The Father's Day car show, and then we did Canada Day, it was very busy," says Sadie.

Lemonade stand

The girls are also conscious of the environment. "It's a plant-based cup, so it's made out of corn, so you can throw it in the recycling, or you could just throw it on the ground, but that wouldn't be very good," Violet says.

To try a cup of the Kane daughter's fresh squeezed lemonade, head to the Baysville Walkabout on July 27th where they plan to set up their stand next.