It's been 10 years since a devastating fire destroyed the Chapman's Ice Cream plant in Markdale.

Those working at the plant on Sept. 4, 2009, could only watch as plumes of heavy smoke and flames ripped through the 150-year-old building.

The cause of the blaze was determined to be a spark from a welder's torch that ignited nearby insulation during an expansion project.

It took just hours for the entire facility, that had been home to Chapman's for 36 years, to go up in flames.

The inferno was so massive fire crews spent a total of three days battling it.

With the building still smouldering, Chapman's owners pledged to rebuild and wasted no time coming up with a plan of action.

"It was pretty much go, go, go pretty much every day after the fire," said vice president Ashley Chapman.

They opened a temporary factory and vowed that no employee would ever miss a paycheque. They stayed true to their word.

Since that time, the family-owned business has opened a new facility and become the largest independent ice cream manufacturer in Canada.