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Township's photo radar cameras generate over $333,000 in fines in 3 months


Speed cameras in Essa Township have collected a hefty fee since they were first installed three months ago.

According to a report to Essa Township Council this week, just over $333,000 in penalties have been handed out to drivers caught speeding with municipal cameras. However, less than half of that has actually been paid, with the Town collecting around $166,000 so far.

More than 500 unpaid debts have gone to plate denial with the Ministry of Transportation, ensuring drivers pay their fees when it's time to renew their licence plates.

"This is not a money grab as some would like to think it is," said Essa Mayor Sandie MacDonald. "There's the attorney general, there's the MTO (Ministry of Transportation), and there's other levels of payment that go out."

MacDonald said the Township placed its two speed cameras in areas where data and complaints have indicated speed the most problematic. Neither are located directly in Angus, the mayor noted, but said they would be rotating as the pilot goes on.

According to the Township, residents can expect the cameras to be on the move every 90 to 180 days.

Jason McCarty, a resident in Angus, is glad that the cameras are here to stay.

"Even though there's a school down there, a lot of people don't respect the speed limit on this street," McCarty told CTV News outside of his residence. "My neighbour's kids are notorious for running around because they're kids, and I would; I've told them multiple times, please be careful. There are a lot of cars that are going fast, and they may not see you come out."

As for the results of the cameras, they appear to be working.

January netted the highest imposed penalties, with over 500 in each spot on Fifth Line and 25th Sideroad.

There was a notable drop in the following two months. However, the results were skewed, with 25 Sideroad's speed camera vandalized in late February, forcing the Township to leave the camera disabled for March.

The cameras are slated to be rotated through Angus. Top Stories

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