The Town of Innisfil has partnered with the phone app, Rover Parking, with the hopes that it will help alleviate the situation at Innisfil Beach Park.

The partnership is a pilot project, and about 70 residents in the area are already on board, making money by renting out their driveway.

“It has to be a legal parking spot,” says Innisfil Mayor, Lynn Dollin.

“You can`t rent out your front lawn. It has to be in a driveway, and you set out both when you wish to rent that spot and also what the price would be.”

With the app, most spots are charging an average of five dollars a day and payments are made online by credit card.

There are hundreds of parking spots that are available down by the beach, but residents say it doesn’t take long for the lots to fill up.

“The cars would be lined,” said a resident, “last year anyways, cars are lined up, way up to the lights on 25th Sideroad.”

Several residents who live along Innisfil Beach Road say out of towners often ask to park in their driveway.

The pilot project is expected to run until the end of the year with the town hoping it will be popular during the ice fishing season when lots and street parking become limited because of snow accumulation.