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Town of Collingwood moving towards de-regulating taxis

A decision surrounding taxi regulations could soon lead to big changes in Collingwood.

In an effort to even the playing field for taxi drivers, the town will be considering de-regulating the local taxi industry.

"It is not fair for us to be charging them and regulating just them, and our council is considering moving out of that line of regulation," said Yvonne Hamlin, Collingwood mayor.

According to Hamlin, discussions surrounding de-regulation have been ongoing for years, however town council is now moving towards the next steps, which could potentially finalize the process in the next several months.

"It will level the playing field for our, you know, evolving technology in personal transportation companies, and we have to recognize that," said Hamlin.

According to Hamlin, the potential de-regulation has generated positive feedback from current and former taxi drivers who say the move would help drivers save thousands of dollars in fees.

"It can cost up to $14,000 a year just to put a taxi on the road, and I think it is a great idea," said Judy Smith, a former Collingwood taxi driver.

The item will be presented to councillors by October, with staff then expected to finalize a report on the item before a final vote in the new year. Top Stories

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