Residents in Tottenham surveyed the damage on Wednesday caused by an EF-1 tornado and for many of them, what happened is still sinking in.

Kelly Dove and her boyfriend caught Tuesday’s tornado on her phone as they drove home from a day of shopping.

“It’s actually kind of crazy to think about it and watch video again and I’m just glad everyone’s okay and no one got hurt.”

Environment Canada has confirmed it was an EF-1 tornado which travelled about ten kilometres and on Wednesday you could see a clearer image of the damage it caused.

A red notice on the door of Steve Singh’s New Tecumseth home means no-one is allowed in for now. The tornado ripped through the house he built ten years ago. His wife and two kids were inside at the time and took cover in the basement.

“We’re looking at the other stuff on TV and realized you know what we should have a basic plan and that was our basic plan if anything should happen to get there. That’s the safest place we really have.”

Environment Canada sent crews to the area on Wednesday to survey the damage first hand.

“We have spatter with mud and insulation on all four sides of the house indicating swirling action that can take place. There’s a twig about a meter long and about a centimeter wide that’s fully embedded in the side of the chimney,” says Environment Canada severe weather meteorologist Arnold Ashton.

In all 18 properties were hit by the fast moving tornado. Luckily no one was injured but not far away several farms were heavily damaged leaving three horses injured. One of them had to be put down on Tuesday night.