Tobogganing will now be allowed on a popular hill in Orangeville that was the center of controversy this winter.

Murray’s Mountain has been a destination for families for years, but a “No tobogganing “sign posted on the hill sparked public outrage. The sign was posted back in 2009 after the town bought the land from the local school board and was told to do so by its insurance company over potential liability issues if someone was hurt.

A photo of the sign went viral on social media and in January, dozens of residents staged a sled-in, zipping down the hill to show their disapproval of the sign.

“Kids love to toboggan and when you start saying you can’t do something that’s part of every boys and girls childhood, that is controversial,” said Orangeville Mayor Jeremy Williams.

On Monday, town council unanimously agreed to post a new sign with the warning “use at your own risk.”

 “Whether you prohibit or put by-laws, at the end of the day you are responsible for things that happen,” said Williams. “You do the best you can and make it as safe as possible, but there is always going to be some liability.”

Orangeville’s insurance company will also require the town to post warnings of potential hazards and best practices for tobogganing.  

The town is also considering posting similar signs on other hills.