Police urge residents to protect their packages by taking some precautions and erring on the side of caution as porch pirates target holiday deliveries.

Police say doorbell and security cameras can help investigators narrow their search for suspects involved in opportunistic thefts.

"If somebody does happen to come upon your property -a porch pirate - and steal what has been delivered, then you have the resources available to share that information with the police, and hopefully, we can find the person and hold them accountable for that theft," said Peter Leon with Barrie Police Services.

Police recommend residents explore enhanced methods of safeguarding their deliveries, such as anti-theft porch storage boxes.

"So, often police are providing messaging this time of year on how to protect what's yours to lock it or lose it in parking lots. Now we have to lock it, or lose it from your front porch," Leon said.

Residents are also encouraged to report suspicious individuals or activity to the authorities.

"If they see a stranger, call us; let’s err on the side of caution. Let’s be careful," Leon finished.

Along with installing security and doorbell cameras, police ask residents to look out for one another to ensure any would-be Grinch doesn’t have the potential to spoil the holidays.