BARRIE -- It's one of the busiest days of the year for sorting and delivering parcels at Canada Post.

The courier service has seen a record number of packages come in and out of their operation centres in just the last few days.

"On Monday, Dec. 9th, we delivered 2.2-million parcels," said Canada Post supervisor Nicholas Casini.

In Ontario, 300,000 packages are delivered every day, and it's only going to get busier.

Canada Post is reminding customers to make sure their homes are safe and accessible.

"We don't have the benefit of delivering items down the chimney, so we ask they shovel their driveway, their walkway up to their porch and also salt those areas," Casini said.

Delivery agent Peter Montgomery has been on the job for 34 years and says he has had his fair share of falls, but with proper equipment, he can handle just about anything.

"The boot studs that we have are fantastic as well as the winterized boots. They keep you upright and helps you get through the day."

Canada Post says it has hired nearly 3,800 temporary workers to help process and deliver packages over the holiday season, in addition to 22,000 regular employees.

"We have a free, easy-to-use tool on our website called Flex Delivery. It's available where someone can purchase an item online; instead of their home address, choose any one of the 61,000 retail offices, and it can be delivered there for pickup," Casini added.

Time has run out for standard shipping if you want your package to arrive in time for Christmas.  The deadline was today.  However, those willing to pay for express shipping have until Dec. 20th to send their parcels, but keep in mind, demand is high and could result in some delays.