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Tiny Township looking to enhance its drinking water infrastructure

With a growing population and a higher water demand, the Township of Tiny is looking to enhance its drinking water infrastructure.

Tiny Township is working on its master water plan, which would aim to connect some of its 16 disjointed municipal water systems scattered throughout the township.

"As our population does grow, we want to make sure we have a sustainable water system and an expansion of the system to incorporate homes that are not contained in our water," said Tim Leitch, Tiny Township's public works director.

"It's to make sure people have safe drinking water. Instead of relying on dug wells or drilled wells, we can use our municipal wells that follow the Safe Drinking Water Act."

Leitch said approximately 25 per cent of the lots in Tiny Township are connected to incorporated water supply.

"That's (water master plan) what's going to identify what our abilities are and the feasibility to continue to increase the size of these water systems," he added.

On Monday, Tiny held its first public information session to begin the plan.

Leitch said staff will investigate its water systems throughout the fall and aim to have their plan in place by the spring. Top Stories

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