BARRIE -- Tim Hortons popular contest Roll Up The Rim is back, but with a modern, eco-friendly twist.

The 35-year-old contest consists of customers rolling up the rim on their coffee cup for a chance to win various prizes.

But, the familiar disposable cups have caused quite the controversy among those who felt it was time the coffee franchise go green.

Customers will only be able to physically roll the rim to win during the first two weeks of the four-week contest. Following that, consumers will need to register for the app or go online to play virtually.

Dave Ireland with Clean Foundation hopes this will kick start other outlets. "If Tim Hortons makes a move, perhaps other coffee shops will take the lead on that as well."

"I like the idea," admitted one customer. "I think it's giving people the chance to kind of reduce their footprint and open the idea to using a reusable cup more, which I like."

Another worried going digital would alienate a lot of people. "I would rather have a roll up the rim cup. Give it to them directly, and I don't have to do anything technology-wise. If they are going to make it digital - not everyone gets digital."

Tim Hortons will give away 1.8 million reusable cups free of charge starting March 10.

This year's contest rolls into action on March 11.