A Canadian couple brought new meaning to the term “taking a leap” and exchanged wedding vows while hanging off the tallest building in Canada.

Lacy Boland and John Kirk pledged to have -- but mostly to hold -- each other Thursday morning, as the couple from Barrie, Ontario hung off the edge of the CN Tower and wed on the world’s highest external walk on a building, suspended 116 storeys (356 meters or 1168 feet) above ground via a trolley and harness system.

The couple wore safety walksuits specially designed for the wedding that included a white suit for the bride, pink suits for their bridesmaids and tuxedos for the men.

The wedding party then lunched at the tower’s 360 Restaurant which provides a revolving view of Toronto below.

The Canadian couple were the first to wed with EdgeWalk, a feature that launched in 2011 in which thrill-seekers suit up and walk the edge of the CN Tower in a full-circle tour, hands-free.

The event was also held to inaugurate EdgeWalk Wedding program, which will allow other thrill-seeking couples to start their marriage off by taking a major leap of faith.

For more details visit http://www.edgewalkcntower.ca/. A regular EdgeWalk tour costs $175.

For couples who shun the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, consider other unusual wedding venues like hot air balloons, underwater ceremonies, and zero-gravity airplanes as featured on ABCNews.

Watch the video here.