Since the night he and Milan Segota got into a knife fight in the hallway of their Barrie rooming house, Terrence Barrett has spent more than 1,000 days behind bars.

On Tuesday, the Crown pushed for Barrett to stay there a lot longer.

Crown attorney Fred Temple argued Barrett's actions were not in self-defence, as the defence told the jury on Monday. The Crown said Barrett stabbed Segota 22 times intending to kill him.

“This isn't a punch or two punches. There are 22 stab wounds: six to the back, 11 to the side. What his body tells you this wasn't an accident. This was murder."

Temple insisted to the jury, "When self-defence is abused, it becomes a free pass for murderers. In this case, that's what you're being asked to do."

Temple argued Barrett knew what he was doing when he stabbed Segota to death, but still refuses to accept responsibility for his actions, blaming his girlfriend for the fight.

“Don't let Mr. Barrett transfer his crimes to Amy Novak. There's no question as to who did the stabbing. Don't let Amy Novak be the scapegoat for Mr. Barrett's crimes."

For more than four hours the judge delivered her charge to the jury, telling them "If it leaves you with reasonable doubt about an essential element of the offence charge, you must find him not guilty. Did Mr. Barrett cause Mr. Segota's death unlawfully?"

It is now up to the jury to decide whether Barrett committed second-degree murder.