WASAGA BEACH -- Streets are back to a familiar fall quiet in Wasaga Beach after a highly criticized weekend where more than one thousand cars burned rubber and screeched tires.

"They were on every corner, every parking lot," says Wasaga Beach mayor Nina Bifolchi. "No regard for the law or other so absolutely, it was an invasion."

Huronia West OPP Inspector Philip Browne says that officers had the upper hand on the ground and in the air despite the number of cars in the area.

"The town was not taken over," says Browne. "Police controlled the town, the activities in the town to ensure that did not occur."

Over the weekend, more than a dozen cars were towed because of racing, or they were unsafe with police also issuing nearly 200 tickets; 11 for breaking COVID-19 rules.

At one point Saturday night, police had to close the town to non-residents.

Premier Doug Ford says he's disappointed in those who participated in the weekend and hopes organizers are fined $10,000 for breaking gathering rules.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bifolchi says she wants to see heftier penalties for street racers after car fans promised to return next year.

"If they're bragging that they budget two thousand dollars for a weekend, then maybe that fine needs to be more."

She says she'll be asking the province for help with that issue.