BARRIE, ONT. -- Golfers across Ontario continue to wait for the government to lift the ban on the sport.

One golfer used this time away from the game to pour his feelings into song lyrics.

“I was talking with my friends and everyone is missing golf and I got the idea to write a song,” said Chad Driscoll, a singer and casual golfer.

Driscoll posted a video of him singing the song on YouTube Sunday, and in three days, the video garnered nearly 100,000 views.

“I was shocked and amazed. My buddies were updating me constantly,” said Driscoll.

The lyrics include, “It’s almost 11 where’s the beer cart? I’m just kidding I’m standing in my backyard” and “chipping golf balls over my kids toys wishing I was out there playing a round with the boys.”

The song has brought joy to many golf enthusiasts during the long lockdown days.

“I want to dance when I hear this,” said the owner of Marlwood Golf and Country Club in Wasaga Beach, Ont., Sandy Smardenka.

Smardenka and her husband Alex have been maintaining their course during the stay-at-home order and are ready to open once the Ford government gives the green light.

“It’s going to feel like we’re alive again and out of jail, and it’s not just the nightmare going on and on and waking up to the same thing,” said Alex Smardenka.

The provincial order implemented on April 17 forced outdoor activities like golf, baseball, soccer, basketball to shut down.

The policy wasn’t recommended by the province’s science table, which had said outdoor activity is relatively safe.

The issue caused golf enthusiasts across the province to pressure the government to revise its stay-at-home order.

The response to Driscoll’s music video is just one example of how golfers, and others looking to get outdoors during the lockdown, are hoping the government makes changes as the weather warms.

Driscoll said he’s been buried in media requests and kind messages from strangers.

On Wednesday, Juno award-winning Country music star, Jason McCoy, gave his stamp of approval.

“Normally, I don’t play golf unless there’s plastic windmills involved, but even Chad Driscoll makes me want to play a full 18,” said McCoy.

Driscoll plans on writing a sequel to his original golf lockdown single once the province eases restrictions.