Getting kids to talk about bullying isn’t an easy task, which is why Barrie police created a new online option to help students start a conversation.

A button has been added to the Barrie police website, giving students the chance to report acts of bullying. It’s a move they hope will squash fears of retaliation.

“I did a survey last year and out of students from this school, 93 out of 100 students identified that they didn't report anything because fear of retaliation,” said Const. Dee Dallaire.

The button allows for a simple, confidential way for these cases to be reported and is designed because students need the anonymity.

The program is also being offered on the Eastview Secondary School and St. Joseph's Catholic School websites.

“Let them know if bullying is taking place, but it's also a message of encouragement for the many positive things that our students are doing,” says Daryl Halliday, a spokesperson for the Simcoe County District School Board.

Barrie police say the information received will be invaluable.

“I think it's going to help us see how much bullying is happening in our schools and our community,” Dallaire says.

Once a submission is made, an officer will follow it up and take it in the appropriate direction.

According to Canadian statistics, one student gets bullied every 25 minutes while in school and once every seven minutes outside of the school.