BARRIE -- More than 20 people found themselves stranded overnight Thursday at a gas bar in Minesing as whiteout conditions set in.

Highway 26 West has been closed due to significant blowing snow.

Drivers not wanting to continue, found themselves with nowhere else to go. They stopped at the Four Cedars Café and Convenience store on George Johnson Drive. The café is also a gas bar.

Motorists were able to use the café's facilities and fill up their gas tanks to keep warm through the night.

The cafe reopened again at 7:00 a.m. Friday for the stranded drivers.

In a statement to CTV News today, Nicole Audette, a spokesperson for Springwater Township says, "Neither the Township, nor Springwater Fire were contacted regarding anyone stranded overnight last night."

She goes on to say, "fire and Public Works crews have been out assisting anyone that has become stuck or stranded on the roads, and so far there has been no need to establish a warming centre."


Nicole Audette, Communications Officer for the Township of Springwater commented on a previous version of this story. She says, there were alternate routes for drivers and 'anyone who stayed overnight at the gas bar, did so by choice.'  She says that there was proper road closure signage and social media notifications in place.