There is still no sign of two men who allegedly robbed a convenience store in Tiny Township and then went on the lam in Oro-Medonte. 

The OPP spent hours searching, unsuccessfully, for the pair after they crashed a van and took off on foot. Police say that van was stolen and today investigators are using it to try to identify the robbers.

The two suspects were last seen in a rural area north of Barrie, running from police. Homeowners in Oro-Medonte are being encouraged to keep their doors and windows locked and to keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary.

Just hours after allegedly stealing a vehicle from Leamington, near the border with Detroit, police say the two suspects stopped at Wymbolwood Beach Store.

Virginia Calnicelli says the two men were in the store for just over a minute. She was behind the counter when the two men walked in and pointed a gun at her.

“They came in and told me they wanted the money,” she tells CTV News. “And showed me the gun. And he pointed it at me. And I looked and I went, ‘Oh no, really?’”

After taking $80, the two suspects jumped into a stolen Dodge Caravan and drove off. The black powder police use to locate finger prints can still be seen on the store's front door this evening.

Police spotted the stolen vehicle several minutes later and a short chase started. Another officer placed a spike belt across Highway 93 in Dalston in hopes of stopping the two suspects.

“The vehicle in question did pass around the spike belt, struck the shoulder of the roadway, at which point lost control and I believe that's when it struck our OPP vehicle,” says OPP Sgt. Peter Leon.

A police officer suffered minor injuries in the collision and was taken to hospital. Tonight, forensic teams are sifting through the van looking for any clues that may help find the two men.

After the crash, police say the suspects ran into the bush alongside the highway. Police began a search both on the ground and from the air. They called in tactical and  k-9 units.

People in some Dalston homes were asked to leave by police so they could search the basements. It was something many say they will never forget. And golfers nearby had to leave the course too.

“We had to blow the horn,” says Dave Sherlock. “Get everybody off the course just for safety, to make sure there was nobody left out there. Usually we blow it when there's lightening but yesterday people didn't know what it was for.”

Police have still not located the two suspects and are asking people in the area to keep their doors and windows locked as a safety precaution.

Police say they are hoping someone sees something and calls it in. At this point police are not actively searching the field any more but are reminding people to not leave their keys in their vehicles.