ALLISTON, ONT. -- As the snow falls and temperatures drop, Stevenson Memorial Hospital in Alliston is ready with a new winterized COVID-19 assessment centre.

"It's about 40 feet long and will be able to serve two cars at a time," said the hospital's president and CEO, Jody Levac. "We're excited to put our staff and our patients in a more comfortable setting in order to receive their assessment."

With infection rates on the rise across the province, more people are getting tested every day, so to operate efficiently, the Alliston hospital had to make a few changes.

Levac said patients could make appointments 21 days in advance.  "It saves time and allows you to pick a time that's most convenient for you," he said.

The hospital president said the new assessment centre would use new technology as part of the province's new lab automation project. It includes hand-held technology and barcoded labels for all tests.

"It allows a lot less administration on our part when we can barcode and use automated technology to send your requisition to the Ontario lab system," Levac said.

On average, the Alliston clinic tests upwards of about 200 patients daily.

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