BARRIE, ONT. -- CTV's Craig Momney finds out from Simcoe Muskoka's associate medical officer of health, Dr. Colin Lee, if a two-week extension on the stay-at-home order will be enough to slow the spread of COVID-19 and start reopening the economy.

Craig Momney - How important is it for people to stay at home for at least another couple of weeks?

Dr. Colin Lee - You know, the stay-at-home order is absolutely crucial and really the backbone of what we need to get to do to get through this third wave without COVID taking hold and doing a rebound to a fourth wave.

It will really allow the number of cases to be driven down as quickly as possible to a low enough number so that even the more contagious and virulent variants cannot find another person to infect.

Craig Momney - Do you think we will be able to start slowly reopening after June 2?

Dr. Colin Lee - I think by June 2nd, if the cases continue to go down as is, I think the first thing in our minds is having the schools reopen. Those are certainly to us the most important reopenings to do first because the kids have been suffering as well as the parents from being online for so long.

Craig Momney - Are we now able to vaccinate quickly enough?

Dr. Colin Lee - It's never quick enough. Really, the rate-limiting step is the vaccine supply, but having said that, we had 17,500 vaccines or doses for our clinics this week; next week it's 25,000, the following 25,000, and starting in June, it's going to be 30,000.

Craig Momney -The warm weather is now here, it's going to be a nice weekend, and people want to get outside, but many outdoor activities are still not allowed. What is your message to people?

Dr. Colin Lee -- You know, be creative. Yes, I agree, you know, the tennis courts aren't open, the golf courses aren't open, but we live in Canada, in Ontario, and we are fortunate to have a lot of green space.

So, look out for spaces, which are open which you can safely physically distance and still enjoy the fresh air, the sun and go with your family, your household members whom you are able to interact closely with.

Be creative for another few more weeks, and soon we'll all be able to enjoy the wonderful summer with more people that we haven't seen for a while.